Monday, March 16, 2020

Breaking. . .our 2020 season postponed for the moment. . .

Coronavirus Action Plan

       Due to the current events in the State, Country, and world, we will be postponing the Famous and Infamous Silver Plume Melodrama. This means that all April dates are canceled with tentative dates added in June and July. We are concerned with safety of our patrons and volunteers and will remain fluid, continually reassessing our action plan. As a Captain of mine once said "This is a plan from which to deviate." We thank you for all the years of support and we will keep everyone updated as events come back online.

 A note for those worried that this may change the long
tradition of the Silver Plume Melodramas:

     We have also canceled practice, so the cast and crew will not have the opportunity to memorize their lines. Therefore, you will still get the same great performance that we pride ourselves on and that you have come to expect from the professionals at the George Downing Playhouse. 
                                                    -Nicholas Regester, Director

And from our long time contributor, Paul Ruscha. . .

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

2020 Melo - "Room for One More Wagon" - our 43rd year with caveats

especially "Coronavirus Action Plan" click to enlarge.

Our 43rd Annual George Downing Original Musical Melodrama - 
"Room for One More Wagon" or "Not In My Backyard"

Opening and concluding weekends, Saturday, April 21 & Sunday, April 22.
Saturday, April 28 & Sunday, April 29. Reprise on evening of July 3.

ADULTS $40 SENIORS $30 (Sundays Only) CHILD $15
 RESERVATIONS 1303 569 2023
DOORS OPEN AT 6PM Saturdays & 5PM Sundays.
Dinner includes Sandwich and Salad Buffet
followed by Ice Cream and Brownie