Saturday, February 24, 2007

Larceneous Lawyer, Part 1 - Silver Plume Melodrama

George has entitled the 2007 Silver Plume Melodrama after the original 1977 "Larceneous Lawyer" - I guess, Part One. Enjoy the original 1977 poster by John Barton and look for it in the 2007 season above the ancient safe where you check in.

Also, price remains the same - $25 for adults / $15 for kids with a $20 for seniors on Sunday nights only. We will try to encourage an additional $5 donation earmarked for our newest historic building project - the former Methodist Church - more on that project on our next post.

Reservations: ole fashioned telephone number aka "phone" number 1303 569 2023 or new fangled email

2006 SLIDE SHOW: Beginnings of last year's slide show - showing cast and scenes.